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Moments of Joy (Part 2)



People often ask me how I get inspiration. I love early mornings. I take my dogs to the park early (earlier when the weather gets hot). It is so awesome to watch the sun rise. The weather is cool and crisp and everybody is waking up.








The Cormorants in this tree are beautiful. I love to watch them dive for food or spread their wings to warm in the sun. I always wonder how they cling to the tree tops with their big webbed feet…







The trees are “springing” to life now. The blossoms are so glorious they just kill me! This tree practically sang “Pretty pink petals poised in the sun full of potential & promise” I think it might be a note card….someday!







Wilson swims every chance he gets. He loves swimming in it as much as he loves drinking it!! I should have named him "Canteen". (Drink, pee, drink, pee, drink, pee!) Doesn’t he look happy? When he’s happy, I’m happy!






Benny has had a big day. Four miles does seem to tucker him out. He sleeps all the way home J






It’s 9 AM. We’re home, fed and now it’s time to go to work. I love my daffodils! I love my studio! I love my job!




That’s all for now. I gotta get to work!