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Custom Cameos

While you may enjoy one of the many pieces in my online store, you may also wish to have something special created, based on an image or photo of your own dear pet.

Please take a moment to read tips on how to take the best photos of your furry friend — good images allow me to create great custom pieces.


Once I have a jpeg image I can render a Cameo of your lucky dog, chicken, horse, cat (or any pet). My cameo necklaces are typically ¾" x 1”,made of copper & sterling silver and hang on a 16” sterling ball chain. Or, you may have a key chain, which is typically 1 ½” x 1”. You can have text (3-4 words, maximum 6 characters per line) on the back. The inscriptions are usually something funny (In Dog We Trust), a nick name (Mr. Smooch), or your pet’s name. My lead time runs 2-4 months on custom works.


I invite you to  to discuss custom orders. I will need you to attach an image to the email. Once we connect, we can discuss your special project in more detail, and I can give you a quote for your piece.