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About Stacey Lamothe Art

Stacey & Wilson

Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life. Through valuing and serving each customer with a little package of joy, giving smiles, laughter and inspiration, I cultivate my own happy heart. People tell me in so many different ways how my work brought a smile to their day.

”THIS IS SO SO SO SPECIAL ... I JUST HAVE CHILLS!  SO SWEET!  There's my dog!  Thank you Stacey"
  • Have you ever had a pet you cherished like family?
  • Are you unfazed when you find cat or dog hair in your butter dish?
  • Do you feel like you were the one rescued, not your furchild?
  • Want to carry your pet with you everywhere (in a classier way than pet hair?)
  • Looking for some whimsy in your life to uplift and inspire?
  • Are dog farts a lovingly tolerated part of your daily life?
  • Want to wear jewelry that warms your heart or brings laughter to your soul?
  • More interested in jewelry with spirit inside than a fancy label on the outside?

Then you are in the right place! I spend my days finding the best ways to bring this spirit into peoples lives by creating wearable art that is more heart than sparkle and bling.

Our Story…

Stacey and FrankieFrankie

I fell head over heels for my rescue dog, Frankie.  I began making copper and sterling pendants of her likeness, and then of other animals. My appreciation for humor compelled me to stamp funny sayings on the back of each piece. "I have never seen anything like it!" was something I heard often when I wore my pieces. People would stop me and ask where they could buy my art, and thus, my business began.

My customers, their furry four-legged besties (FFBs) and I  have enjoyed over 15 heartfelt years of creating, perfecting and expanding my artistry. I take great pride in the quality of my work, and satisfaction in being able to make even the most serious tails wag!  My customers often let me know that I have chosen the right path. Their happiness returns to me daily in the form of phone calls, email or social media posts.


"My friend and I have an agreement not to buy each other 'stuff' as gifts anymore. At our age, just over 60, we each have way too much stuff. So when I saw your pendants I knew she would love this meaningful gift. The happy animal faces just make you smile each time you look at them and a smile is so much better than stuff. And it is little, ha ha." --Barbara M
"Sam used to make strangers smile every time we were out for a walk. He was like a magnet for people. I used to say that even people who didn't like dogs loved Sam. (And yes, I know everyone thinks this about their dog.) I think there would be no greater honor for Sam's memory than to think that even now, while he is no longer physically here, people are still smiling because of the love he put out into the world." --Emily G
"I wanted to send a little Thank you. The cameo of Tequila came out wonderfully, and my mom has not taken it off once since I gave it to her for Christmas! You were so easy to work with, your pricing was fantastic, and the quality of work really is second to none. Thank you so very much for helping to keep our Tequila in our hearts. I'm working on finding a good picture of our Bob dog for the next one." --Rachel H

Best of the Best 2015

I love dogs, nature and laughter. I value and commit to bringing that essence to each customer; to enliven and enrich their lives. Also, I happen to make FABULOUS ART. Am I barking up YOUR tree?

Shop my online store to find the piece that makes you smile most. Contact me to inquire about custom work featuring your own precious pet or original idea. You dream it ~ I'll wake it!

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