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Custom Name Tags

Wholesome Beet Name TagsLooking for a new and memorable way to introduce yourself in group settings? I create custom name tags based on your logo or chosen theme. Each tag is uniquely different, varying in size and shape. Prices are based on size, materials, complexity and details of the design. I work with you throughout the design process to come up with a final piece that is uncommon and personal, which you can be proud to wear.

  • Made from copper and sterling sliver w/ touches of brass.
  • 3" x 2" inches maximum size, most are smaller. It depends on your design and stature.
  • Strong magnet backing with dual attachment points keep your tag safe while not harming your clothing.

Here are some tail wagging name tags I have made in the past. Pendants or key chains made from logos can be ordered as well! The possibilities are endless!

Bark at me if you have questions or want to order! 

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Name Tag Gallery

Suzanne Voter Name Tag

Suzanne Voter
Mortgage Expert

Gene Livermore Name Tag

Gene Livermore
Owner Assisted Remodeling

Vern Clinton Name Tag

Vern Clinton
Silk Shorts

Winding Road Imagery Name Tags

Rosanne, Lindsey & Joy
Winding Road Imagery

Andrea Name Tag

The Flying Broom

Jana Leonard Name Tag

Jana Leonard
Silk Shorts

Chris Foster Name Tag

Chris Foster
Imagineer & Artist

Andi Name Tag

Andi H
Cross Fit

Mandy Name Tag

Mandy Lucchese

Stacey Lamothe Name Tag

Stacey Lamothe
Stacey Lamothe Art

Ingrid Name Tag

Grass Valley Florist