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Meet Squish!

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

My customers Charlie & Linda were shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for their daughter and came across my Cameo necklaces. Their daughter, Cassie, loves her little rescue dog, so they decided a Cameo necklace would be just the thing!

When I asked about the dogs name they told me while their daughter was driving in a very remote area, a little dog ran out in front of Cassie’s truck.She almost ran over her. She came back later that day and the dog ran out again, but this time Cassie pulled over and caught her. The pooch had no tags and they thought she had been dumped by the side of the road.


Notice the scar on Squish’s nose? The scar happened when puppy Squish was home alone in her crate. She decided she wanted out and grabbed her teeth around the gate bars. Cassie came home to find her totally stuck with mouth locked open and blood all over. Somehow she got her unhooked but her mouth was very painful and the scar happened. She is fine now.

The back text: “Angel Ears!”

“I think she could fly away with those ears! She is definitely a big dog in a little body. Lots of attitude!”

BTW: Dr Charlie gets rave reviews from his clients at the Mill Valley Pet Clinic. If you live near Mill Valley and need a good vet, go see:

Charlie Comella VDM

546 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

(415) 388-7607

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