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Apps for Dogs

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

 Happy New Year!  Here are some apps for your pooches and other pets...

iPad, iPhone, or iPod:

  • Dog Park Finder Plus, a list of more than 6,000 dog parks and beaches in North America.  Also lists 12,000 dog-friendly restaurants.
  • Find Pet Friendly Hotels, a list of over 10,000 pet-friendly hotels, along with weight limits, pet fees, dog parks, and more.
  • Fido Factor, a mobile guide to dog-friendly locations.
  • Pet Poison Help, a quick list of poisons, what to do, and how to get help.
  • Pet First Aid: for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, a collection of videos and detailed instructions on what to do when caring for a pet.
  • Petfinder Mobile, the app of the popular pet-search website that includes more than 370,000 animals from 14,000 adoption groups.  They will be releasing an Android app soon.
  • RSPCA My Pet, a collection of information on how to care for animals from chincillas to rats.
  • Picture-A-Pet SFSPCA, an adoption site connected to the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • PetAdopt HD is an adoption site run by the North Shore Animal League America.
  • Lost Petz allows people who have lost or been separated from their pets to issue an alert to others in the vicinity.
  • Game for Kittens, a chase-a-laser iPad game for cats and kittens.


  • PetWise Mobile, a wealth of medical information for pets.
  • VetFinder. a search engine for veterinarians and animal hospitals near you.
  • PetSaver, a collection of care information for pets, such as pet CPR and first aid.
  • Petcentric, a guide to pet-friendly places.
  • PuppyTraning, a guide for traning a puppy.
  • Pet First Aid, information on emergency care.

Benny Lamothe, snowshoeing in December 2012
Benny Lamothe wishes you a Yappy New Year!


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