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This is how I start every day, sunny! I call them "Egg-Tillas"

An old boss of mine, Kent White, turned me on to these. I have added a bit to suit my taste. They are simple healthy and yummy!

You’ll need:

1 Egg
1 Tortilla (corn, Ezekiel, whole wheat…any!)
Fresh Spinach - a handful (optional)
Flax meal – maybe a TBS or 2 (optional)
Salsa – 1 -2 TBS

--Heat your pan, add olive (or any) oil.

 --Crack your egg. Add salt, pepper, and flax meal.

 --Lay the spinach leaves over the flax and top with your tortilla.

 --Add a TBS of water (to steam tortilla & spinach) and quickly cover pan. Cook a couple of minutes.

 --With a spatula, gently turn whole thing over. Add another TBS of water and cover until spinach is wilted to your liking.

 --Plate up, top with salsa and enjoy!

 This will be a bit messy but sooo worth it!


My husband likes his egg yolks broken, tilla without spinach or flax meal and with cheese. Either way, they are yummy:)

 I like my eggs yolky, If you don’t like them that way, break the yolk when you first crack it in the pan.

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