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Puppy Raisers

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

Ashley is a puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs ( Puppy Raisers give of themselves tirelessly for more than a year so that these wonderful dogs may one day be provided to a visually impaired individual all at no charge. My heart goes out to the people like Ashley, who give of themselves and raise puppy after puppy.

I met Ashley when her husband commissioned a charm bracelet with charms for each puppy raised. All puppies are special but Barkley holds a special place in her heart. Ashley asked me to create a custom Cameo of him. She wanted a talisman to remind her of her guardian angel. On the left is a photo with his special smile :) Here is an image of the cameo I created. Now Ashley can have Barkley with her all the time. Blessings to you Ashley for all the good work you do!


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