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Some days I need to play hooky!

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

When it happens in the studio, it looks like this:


These items have been roving around my bench top for at least a year now. I gathered them together and started on a journey. Materials are: 3 river rocks I have drilled holes in, a perfectly round gray rock I found on a hike, a cool vintage cut glass button, and a knotty wood heart I found while walking my dogs at the park one morning. 

I started with the Abacus pendant. The river rocks move freely but are totally contained within the window of the copper. It is hung on a piece of moss green fairy ribbon.


Then came “Gather No Moss”, the round gray rock held in the pendant with sterling ball tipped prongs. This is hung on a black ribbon & cord combo necklace.


Next was “Pocket Full of Posies” and the vintage cut glass button. I created a copper flower shape and contained the button with sterling ball tipped prongs. The back actually shows the prongs and has the cutest little inch worm bail (thingie that holds the pendant on the necklace). I topped this off with a deep green fairy ribbon.


Last but not least, I created Tree Hugger pendant with the wood knot heart. It is also affixed to the sterling back with sterling ball tipped prongs.The back is adorned with a tiny copper heart and the text. This one clasps in front and is hung on a dark brown raw leather cord.


Though I started these on my hooky day, I finished in between current orders. It gave me a mini break on regular work days and I felt a creative vibe throughout.

Now I ask you, how do you play hooky?

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