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Lab Tested Necklace

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

A client of mine, Mary Hooker,  placed an order today. Her friend Mark started Dogs4Diabetics and recently lost his dog Armstrong.  Armstrong was the diabetic alert dog and Mark's own dog.  Since Mark works closely with Guide Dogs and testing/training Dogs4Diabetics dogs, Mary wondered if I could make my "lab tested" necklace with the text "lab tester."  Easy enough for me to do. I  hope it softens the blow...  So sorry Mark.  R.I.P Armstrong.

BTW, Mary is the owner of Yellow Neener Photography, on location pet photos capturing the essence of your pet. (Humans not excluded.)  If you're in need of some fab photography give her a call, email or visit her website, 925.586.2492    

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