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Moments of Perfection

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

See the bird in the tree?
See the bird sunning in the tree?

Moments of perfection…I used to subscribe to the mantra “everyday sacred.” I recently decided I needed to break it down to smaller pieces. I came up with “moments of perfection” This thought, or mantra, brings into focus the little things that make us smile that are often forgotten in the business (or busy-ness) of our day. Things like the dogs walking perfectly (side by side-not barking or pulling).
Or for some unexplainable reason, grabbing an extra poop bag at on my way out the door to go to the park and having need for it (!). AND after all that fun, arriving home and making the perfect poached egg breakfast. With many moments of perfection and it’s not even 9AM yet, who knows what the day will hold?! What are your perfect moments?


Perfect Poached Eggs Mmmmmmmmmmm


Precious Cargo :)


Another beautiful morning at Auburn Rec Park


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