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Gluten free, vegan dog treats?

Posted by Stacey Lamothe on

     I give a treat with every order. I believe in rewarding good behavior. If you buy something doggish from me I will
include a treat from Della’s Pet Bakery. They are No GMO(!), gluten free, vegan and they are woof-a-lishious! And of course, they are Wilson and Benny
approved!  There are two yummy flavors: Pumpkin Patch and Sweet Potato & Kale.



I like this product because they are dehydrated so the nutrients aren't cooked out of the food. They also don’t have the added fat you’d use in baking. That
works for me. My dog Wilson needs to gain weight and Benny’s a little chunky. There is no guilt in serving these. It’s like sneaking vitamins to your kids. The
skinny one gets 2-3 at a time and the chunky one gets ½. Somehow this just works perfectly in our family. I am sharing info from my friend Cheryl Noble. She is the owner of Della’s Pet Bakery and also the Mom of Della and Mulligan.


You can get them locally at SPD Market, BriarPatch, Outside Inn, and Grass Valley Florist.  If you aren't local you can visit Della’s website to order. Give them a try today! They are woof-a-lishious! (530) 845-5208 or visit:

Why gluten free and vegan for dogs?
You probably have had a dog, or know of one, that had allergies and/or skin sensitivities. Like humans, dogs are sensitive to additives and preservatives
that go into their food as well as airborne toxins and pollutants. Trying to pinpoint a dog's allergy is difficult. It's a process of eliminating ingredients. For more information please visit: 


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